How to Become a Writer After 60

What an honor, to have my writerly musings on writing posted as a “Guiding Light” on Susan Bono’s delightful journal site, Tiny Lights.

This is an homage to Lorrie Moore’s essay, How to Become a Writer. It’s in her first book, Self-Help, which includes “How to be an Other Woman.” How tempting it is it to do an “after 60” version of that one!

About Alice Lowe

I am a freelance writer, avid reader and Virginia Woolfophile in San Diego, California. I have published essays and reviews about Virginia Woolf, including "Beyond the Icon: Virginia Woolf in Contemporary Fiction," a monograph in the Bloomsbury Heritage Series published in 2010 by Cecil Woolf Publishers, London. My personal essays have appeared and are forthcoming in numerous literary journals and can be followed on my blog:
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One Response to How to Become a Writer After 60

  1. Sigrun says:

    Beautiful & very useful too! Thank you!

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