Whenever I think I’m through writing about food–okay, done that, time to move on–something jogs my memory, & it’s often food related. I love both reading and writing about food  because, of course, it’s so much more. The food is just the hook, the entry point to memories and moods and  mysteries. I’ve written about sushi, and about bacon (more now that I’ve stopped eating it) and rutabagas and Cornish pasties. And in each of these pieces, I’m writing about my life. Since I plan to continue to live, eat, and write, I doubt that I’ll run out of inspiration.

My latest published essay is about mollusks–clams and mussels and oysters, oh my!–a tragic tale of renunciation. I’m doubly delighted that  Elegy for a Mollusk,” (linked here) is published in the northwest journal, Raven Chronicles, since most of it takes place in Seattle, and because it’s truly an honor to be in a journal that has also published the work of my good friend and mentor, Priscilla Long.

Have a dozen on the half-shell for me. Buon appetito!