I don’t often post or write about what I’m reading. Maybe because it’s overdone–too many of us cluttering the cosmos with our likes & dislikes–or maybe, as I suggest in this link, it’s a little presumptuous. But I can if I want to–isn’t that the point of it all?–and when Amor Towles, the author of Rules of Civility, came to town, I took the opportunity to shout it from the vantage point of my latest Presidio Sentinel column. I call it “You’ve gotta read this!”

I plan to write a year-end column on people’s favorite reads of 2012. What’s yours? Repeats don’t count, so it can’t be your second go at War & Peace (unless you never finished it the first time) or your annual reading of Pride & Prejudice or my third time through Rules of Civility, although I did, in fact, enjoy it more than anything else I’ve read this year, even on my third reading.