Last year I had three essays published in print journals. Print, as in words on paper, volumes that I can hold in my hands, flip through their pages. And yeah, to see my own stories in print.  Unlike online journals, though, I can’t pass them on with links, and I can’t expect people to buy these somewhat obscure journals. I thought it seemly to wait before posting them here, but as this is the repository for my writing, it’s time. It’s a new year and I have more work coming out this spring, so I want to “go public” with these recent forays into my life. The titles will link you to my reprints of these works, with credit – and thanks – to the original publishers.

“Love at First Bite” is a story of love, life and sushi. It was published in City Works 2012, the journal of San Diego City College.

“My Space” pays homage to Virginia Woolf, as does much of my work. It reflects on my quest for “a room of my own.” It was published, appropriately, in the first issue of a new journal, Killing the Angel, “a literary experiment inspired by Virginia Woolf.”

“Walking in the Light” is about my love affair with opera. It was published in an Australian journal, Skive, in a special memoir issue in September 2012.