Writers write about their cats & dogs, but I’ve always been inclined to dismiss the idea as clichéd, or worse, cutesy. Then again, I ‘ve had an outline in my “possibles” folder for the past year called “Cats I’ve Known,” a list of cats–my own and others’–that have played a part in my life. The cats would be placeholders, a way to write about life events, rather than about the cats themselves. Maybe some day….

And maybe that’s why I chose to give this title to a little vignette, a musing about the way we see things when we’re traveling, out of our dailyness, the cat in question just a distant sighting. At first I thought of it as a fragment that I would incorporate into something else, but then I got attached to it as a stand-alone and sent it out.

So here’s “Orange Cat,” published in Quickly, a journal of brief works of any kind as long as it’s less than 703 (!) words. The piece was also published in this year’s San Diego City College print journal, City Works,  where I had the honor of being named the National Award Winner for another piece that I’ll be posting soon.

Hmmm, I’ve had three orange cats–want to hear about Rusty, Charlie and Sweetie?