“In Loving Memory”

“Observe perpetually,” Virginia Woolf said, by which I’m sure she meant, “keep your ears open too.” When I overheard this one-sided conversation, I was stunned–is this person really saying these things? Then, quickly, I picked up my pencil and started jotting it all down. I guess that makes me a writer! I didn’t add to her remarks, just tidied & organized it as a whole and thought some publisher of vignettes, like Vine Leaves, would like it. They did & published “In Loving Memory” in their July issue, here (on page 26).


About Alice Lowe

I am a freelance writer, avid reader and Virginia Woolfophile in San Diego, California. My personal essays have been published in more than 90 literary journals and can be followed on my blog: www.aliceloweblogs.wordpress.com. I have published essays and reviews about Virginia Woolf, including two monographs in the Bloomsbury Heritage Series published by Cecil Woolf Publishers, London: "Beyond the Icon: Virginia Woolf in Contemporary Fiction," and "Virginia Woolf as Memoirist."
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5 Responses to “In Loving Memory”

  1. JR Brega says:

    A gem, ably panned (as gold from a stream) from a torrent of noise. Nicely done!

  2. Paula Maggio says:

    Reblogged this on Blogging Woolf and commented:
    Alice Lowe “observes perpetually” in loving memory of Virginia Woolf.

  3. Paula Maggio says:

    You are a terrific observer, Alice.

  4. Alice — You are a writer I want to get to know. We are both published in the spring/summer Soundings Review. I read your piece and thought, this is my kind of woman, the challenging-yet-similar kind. I have been contemplating a tattoo for some years. Your piece decided me, and gave me an idea about a personal essay, something about the wig, the graduation shoes and a tattoo. Thank you.

  5. wow, if we could only hear ourselves! What an unique & enlightening exposure! Really enjoyed your creative impulse, Alice, to write the “observed” down.

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