I should post a photo here of myself blushing, my eyes cast down demurely. So many of us go through life believing it’s bad form to toot our own horns, but hey, if we don’t, who will? I had two honors this month and learned about them on consecutive days, putting me on a cloud of cushioned cashmere. I want everyone to know & share my joy, so humility be damned.

First–and this one’s been my dream and goal since I started writing–my essay “My Quarrel with Grieving” was named one of the Notable Essays and Literary Nonfiction in the Best American Essays of 2015. Permafrost, the journal in which it was published, has posted an announcement on their website. And here’s a link to the essay.

Then I was notified by The Tishman Review that they had nominated my essay “Solo in Seattle” for the Best of the Net Anthology. Here’s the good news from the horse’s mouth, and a link to the essay .

Now picture me taking a bow….