Tat Two

If I continue to get tattoos, I promise not to write about them (but don’t hold me to it). If I continue to get tattoos, there are those who may write me off as gone ’round the bend, beyond hope. For now, though, indulge me.

I started writing “Tat Two” within a couple of hours of doing the deed, such was my puzzlement at my behavior. I submitted it to The Flexible Persona, who published it in October. Here it is.


About Alice Lowe

I am a freelance writer, avid reader and Virginia Woolfophile in San Diego, California. My personal essays have been published in more than 90 literary journals and can be followed on my blog: www.aliceloweblogs.wordpress.com. I have published essays and reviews about Virginia Woolf, including two monographs in the Bloomsbury Heritage Series published by Cecil Woolf Publishers, London: "Beyond the Icon: Virginia Woolf in Contemporary Fiction," and "Virginia Woolf as Memoirist."
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