Chicken is meat, right? So I’ll never know why people so often ask if I eat it when I declare myself a fish-eating vegetarian. That and other observations are the essence of my essay “Pescatarian,” recently published in Miracle Monocle. Read it here!

About Alice Lowe

I am a freelance writer, avid reader and Virginia Woolfophile in San Diego, California. My personal essays have been published in more than 90 literary journals and can be followed on my blog: I have published essays and reviews about Virginia Woolf, including two monographs in the Bloomsbury Heritage Series published by Cecil Woolf Publishers, London: "Beyond the Icon: Virginia Woolf in Contemporary Fiction," and "Virginia Woolf as Memoirist."
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3 Responses to Pescatarian

  1. I quit eating most meat in 1989, but continued eating seafood. Then we cut way back on seafood to where we might have it four or five times in a year. I used to get that same question about chicken. The Home Economics teacher made “vegetarian” soup with chicken stock.

    But about those “baby lambs.” Pretty much all babies are adorable—calves, chicks, piglets, lambs, not to mention coyote cubs though maybe not pigeon squabs (find a photo of newborn pigeon)—but the lamb sold in markets does not usually come from anything you would recognize as a “baby.” I learned to spin wool on a sheep farm in Kansas. What they called a “lamb” was one big critter. At least a sixty- to hundred-pound animal gives the leg of lamb my mother always roasted at certain holidays with garlic and rosemary. it might be the one meat dish I miss.

    • Alice Lowe says:

      Thanks, Jan. I enjoyed your comments. I’ve seen “vegetarian” soups made with chicken stock too. And you’re right about the adorable young–I have a trio of mischievous toddler squirrels scampering around on my deck right now. Sounds like you grew up with mutton dressed as lamb!

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