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Cities I Never Lived In

What do Manhattan, southeast England, and Wichita Kansas have in common? Find out in “Cities I Never Lived In”, published in the Spring-Summer issue of South 85 Journal.

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What remains

My latest work, “What remains”, has just been published in the June issue of Anti-Heroin Chic. In memory of my grandson, Cory Williams.

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How to Become a Writer After Sixty

I wrote this piece when I was still relatively new to the game but had celebrated my first handful of publications. I was familiar with Lorrie Moore’s “How to Become a Writer,” but as a late bloomer I’d done it … Continue reading

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When I Run

To run or not to run. The perennial question pops up whenever I think I’ve got it figured out. The dilemma is explained here, in “When I Run,” my first published piece of 2020, appearing in the excellent online journal … Continue reading

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Shorthand as a Second Language

My latest essay looks back to an earlier life, happily left behind (though I still speak fluent Gregg). “Shorthand as  a Second Language” was published in the Fall issue of Door Is A Jar Literary Magazine.  Read it here.    

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Dressing the Mutton

Have you heard the phrase “mutton dressed as lamb”? I thought it was well known, but I’ve been surprised at how many people, even vintage models like myself, don’t know it. Good news–if you didn’t, you will now. “Dressing the … Continue reading

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When my daughter and I went to New York to celebrate her birthday two years ago, she took selfies and I took notes. My personal essay about three memorable trips–our “mother-daughter quality time”–was recently published in Sleet Magazine’s tenth birthday special … Continue reading

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Drawing Life

Making lemonade out of life’s lemons: my failed attempts at visual art and handiwork of any kind became material for an essay. “Drawing Life” breathes new life in the Spring-Summer issue of Mojave River Review—read it here (at pages 57-60).

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The Blue of Doug Wyatt’s Eyes

Color associations: blue–my first boyfriend’s eyes and my first new car; green–the Emerald City of Oz; little brown birds, a purple bathrobe, Antarctic white that isn’t all white; history, psychology, and Virginia Woolf. “The Blue of Doug Wyatt’s Eyes” encompasses … Continue reading

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Maybe Next Time. Maybe.

Highs and lows, starts and stops. My running future hangs in the balance. I ponder it in “Maybe Next Time. Maybe.” published in the latest issue of Gravel. Will she or won’t she? Read it here.  

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