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In one of Virginia Woolf’s last diary entries she wrote: “Observe perpetually. Observe the oncome of age. By that means it becomes serviceable.” And that’s what I find myself doing. I’m both a participant in and an observer of my … Continue reading

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Ashes, ashes, we all fall down. Or some of us, most of us, ok, all of us do at one time or another. After contemplating a recent fall–not my first & probably not my last–and believing the pain and humiliation … Continue reading

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Smoke and Mirrors

or “my life up in smoke,” or “ashes to ashes,” or “no butts about it” … my latest published essay is about cigarettes I have smoked, from first to last and beyond. “Smoke and Mirrors” appears in the Summer issue … Continue reading

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“Que sera, sera”

If you don’t remember that song–what can I say–you’re young. Good for you. And the rest of us can sing along with Doris Day. The incident in my essay “Whatever Will Be” was buried until a random writing prompt unearthed it: … Continue reading

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Alphabet soup

You may think me a noodle (see “H”) when you discover that noodles–in life, in history, and of course in sauce–are the topic of my latest A to Z (abecedarian). Behind every noodle is a memory–or behind every memory is a … Continue reading

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I dreamed I went to Berkeley in my Maidenform bra

Some of you will remember the old ads: women in the costumes of professions that were in the realm of impossible or highly unusual for women then–firefighter, astronaut, brain surgeon, symphony conductor, football player, &c–clad in some recognizable trappings of their ‘wannabe’ aspiration … Continue reading

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On Hating Writing from Prompts

Originally posted on BREVITY's Nonfiction Blog:
By Alice Lowe You hate writing from prompts, because you’re no good at it, because despite the human brain’s instantaneous capacity to absorb new input and coordinate an appropriate response, you cannot put…

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