Virginia Woolf

The following are my publications and presentations on the life and work of Virginia Woolf. In addition I’m a frequent contributor to Blogging Woolf. Many of my personal essays include references to Woolf; they can be found in the Categories section of the home page.

Virginia Woolf as Memoirist: “I am made and remade continually” – Bloomsbury Heritage Monograph #72, Cecil Woolf Publishers, 2015

A Room of One’s Own and Women’s Writing Today”Virginia Woolf Bulletin, January 2012

A Certain Hold on Haddock and Sausage’: Dining Well in Virginia Woolf’s Life and WorkVirginia Woolf and the Natural World: Selected Papers of the Twentieth Annual International Conference on Virginia Woolf, Clemson University Press, 2011

In Their Own Words: Virginia Woolf and May Sarton – Virginia Woolf Miscellany, Spring 2011

Charleston Saved 1979-1989 (Review)Virginia Woolf Bulletin, January 2011

Beyond the Icon: Virginia Woolf in Contemporary FictionBloomsbury Heritage Monograph #58, Cecil Woolf Publishers, 2010

Four Monographs from the Bloomsbury Heritage Series (Review)Virginia Woolf Miscellany, Fall/Winter  2009

Editing A Writer’s Diary: Leonard Woolf as Censor or “Keeper of the Flame”Woolf Editing/Editing Woolf: Selected Papers from the Eighteenth Annual Conference on Virginia Woolf, Clemson University Press, 2009

Discovering England—Discovering Virginia Woolf – Virginia Woolf Bulletin, Jan. 2007