Ode to Brown

What could be a more appropriate place for my “Ode to Brown” than in The Pine Cone Review?

With no further ado, here it is…!

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Home Body

As a great fan of Dorothy Parker, it was a particular thrill to have my work published in her namesake literary journal. The editors of Dorothy Parker’s Ashes introduced this summer’s home-themed issue with DP’s own take on the subject:

Dorothy Parker was a notoriously indifferent housekeeper. Ashtrays overflowed, dogs pooped on the floor and dirty clothes mingled with the clean. As she once said, “All I need is room enough to lay a hat and a few friends.”

While I share DP’s valuation of housework, there’s nowhere I’d rather be than home. For me “Homebodiness is the blessed state, home the sacred space.” Here’s “Home Body.”

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Depression Debunked

Depression is real and can be debilitating, which is reason not to trivialize it by throwing the word around recklessly. But with our rich language at our disposal, we can find other, more nuanced ways, to describe those times when we’re merely bored, bothered, or bitchy.

That’s my take on it in “Depression Debunked,” a short essay published this summer in Prose Online.

Michelle, this one’s for you.

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Hey Jude

“Hey Jude,” published earlier this year in Drunk Monkeys, is in memory of my dear friend Geri Danzig, 1942-2009.


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Singing and Swinging

This is it – one of the brief pockets of time when baseball and opera overlap. “Singing and Swinging” recalls when they came together for me in New York. My essay was published this spring in Eclectica Magazine.

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“A spark bird is first love, the bird that ignites a heightened interest, an out-of-the-blue fascination.”

The Bewick’s wren, my first Tosca, and A Writer’s Diary by Virginia Woolf were sparks that lit still-burning fires.

My flash essay “Spark” was published this spring in Midway Journalread it here.

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Orbs and Orts

Onions, oranges, olives, & other observations on round food & the letter O:

read “Orbs and Orts” in FEED lit mag.

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Comfort Food and Three Rs

Once again, food becomes the trigger for memories and the impetus for writing.

My micro-essay duo, “Comfort Food” and “Three Rs” found the perfect home at Apple in the Dark, a new online literary journal.

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 “What, me worry?” is the maxim of Mad Magazine mascot Alfred E. Neuman that many of us grew up with, the sentiment of blissful unconcern echoed in the 1988 song “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” In the 2015 movie Bridge of Spies, defense attorney James Donovan asks accused Russian spy Rudolf Abel why he isn’t alarmed that he might face the electric chair here or be killed upon his return to the Soviet Union. Abel responds, “Would it help?” 

From my essay “Worry,” published in the tasty and nourishing Potato Soup Journal.

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My tribute to my former neighbor, a remarkable woman, seems appropriate today as we observe International Women’s Day.

“Centenary” was published at Sad Girls Club.

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