Published Work

Creative Nonfiction / Personal Essays:

Petrichor in Eunoia (pending)

“Not the Brady Bunch” in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Lessons Learned from My Cat, February 2023 (print book)

“Best Food Friends” in Dorothy Parker’s Ashes, February 2023

Bowling, Bucks, and Boys in Words & Sports, January 2023

Dancing With the Muse in Old Age: A Profile of Priscilla Long in Bloom, January 2023

Fritto Misto di Verdure in SuperpresentDecember 2022 (page 57-58)

Baseball Legacy in Potato Soup, October 2022

Three Tattoos in Sleet, December 2022

Mellow Yellow in Fauxmoir, October 2022

Tea for Two in Idle Ink, October 2022

Lobster Legacy in Eat, Darling, Eat, September 2022

Jacaranda in Bluebird Word, September 2022

You’re the One in Bullshit Anthology, August 2022 (print)

Depression Debunked in Prose Online, July 2022

Imagining Ethel in Big City Lit, July 2022

Ode to Brown in Pine Cone Review, June 2022

Home Body in Dorothy Parker’s Ashes, June 2022

Pacific Quartet in Borrowed Solace, June 2022 (digital journal)

Singing and Swinging in Eclectica, April 2022

Spark in Midway Journal, April 2022

Hey Jude in Drunk Monkeys, March 2022

Listing in Paper Dragon, February 2022

Orbs and Orts in FEED, February 2022

Messing with Tradition in Eat, Darling, Eat, December 2021

Comfort Food and Three RsApple in the Dark, November 2021

CentenarySad Girls Club, October 2021

Portmanteau, Griffel, October 2021

WorryPotato Soup, October 2021

SweetbitterEucalyptus & Rose, October 2021

Bringing Home the Bacon, Bacopa, October 2021 (print journal)

Lunch With Calvin TrillinBook of Matches, September 2021

GroupHare’s Paw, September 2021

During the Pandemic We Ate, Kitchen Work, August 2021 (print journal)

“Gridiron Glamour,” Sport LiterateAugust 2021

“Mortality as Metaphor,” The Bucket, July 2021

“Armchair Spy”New World Writing, July 2021

“Octet”Change Seven, July 2021

“Coots” – Whale Road Review, June 2021

“Dorothy Parker talks about aging…”(mac)ro(mic), May 2021

“I Hardly Knew You” – ellipsisApril 2021 (print)

“Fonly” – Burningword Literary JournalApril 2021

“The interesting thing about getting old” – Superstition Review, April 2021

“Spoiler Alert: They All Died”Epiphany, March 2021

“What Was Eaten”Festival Review, February 2021

“Gray Hour”the Headlight ReviewFebruary 2021

“Punctuated”Burningword Literary Journal, January 2021

“When Words Were Birds” – Parhelion Literary MagazineDecember 2020

“Pescatarian” – Miracle Monocle, December 2020

“Quesadillas in Quarantine”MORIA, November 2020

“Careless Love” – Crepe & Penn, November 2020 (page 76-77)

“Pizza on Thursday, or, the isness of what is”Sleet, Fall-Winter 2020

“Shows Light Wear” – Gold Man Review, Issue 2020

“In Praise of Bean Counters” – Hobart, October 2020

“Eleven Things I Remember About Liz” – A Year in Ink, Volume 13, 2020

“Subjunctive Mood” – Door Is A Jar Literary Magazine, Fall 2020

“Autumn in Paris” – Burningwood Literary Journal, October 2020

“My Hair, Myself” – EclecticaJuly-August 2020

“Cities I Never Lived In”South 85 Journal, June 2020

“What remains”Anti-Heroin Chic, June 2020

“How to Become a Writer After Sixty” – San Diego Writers, Ink, April 2020

“When I Run”JMWW, January 2020

“Shorthand as a Second Language” Door is a Jar, Fall 2019

“Bridges”Sleet Magazine, Spring-Summer 2019

“Drawing Life”Mojave River Review, Spring-Summer 2019

“The Blue of Doug Wyatt’s Eyes”Concho River Review, May 2019

“Maybe Next Time. Maybe” – GravelMay 2019

“B is for Breakfast”Hobart, March 2019

“Running While Old”Raven Chronicles, August 2018

“Jesus Saves, I Don’t”Ascent, June 2018

“Y is for You”Spry Literary Magazine, ABCS of Flash Writing, May 2018

“On Driving”Rathalla Review, Spring 2018

“Flaneur with Baedeker, or, Student of the MapSuperstition Review, Spring 2018

“Science for Dummies” – Waccamaw Review, Spring 2018

“This is my brain on baseball”  – Hobart, April 2018

“Quirky: Strange but Cool” – Open: Journal of Arts & Letters, March 2018

“Gumbo” – Long Island Literary Journal, Winter 2017

“The Sky’s the Limit” in Adelaide Anthology, 2017 (pages 77-81), shortlisted for Best Essay. First published in Hippocampus Magazine, June 2013.

“Tat Two” – The Flexible Persona, October 2017

“On Cookbooks: Collections and Recollections” – Eclectica, October/November 2017

“Seventy” in Stonecoast Review, Issue #7, Summer 2017 (print)

“Falling” in Pilcrow & Dagger, August-September 2017

“Relative Strangers” – Fish Food, Issue 1 (8/17)

“Smoke and Mirrors” – The Chaos, Summer 2017

“Whatever Will Be” – The Citron Review, Summer 2017

“Noodling A to Z” – Room, Volume 40.1, 2017

“Berkeley Revisited” – Adelaide Literary Magazine, Spring 2017 (print)

“On Hating Writing from Prompts” – Brevity, February 2017

“The Idea of North” in The Baltimore Review, Winter 2017

“The Cycle of Life” – The Drowning Gull, Issue 2, December 2016

“In Praise of Simple Living” – Embodied Effigies, Issue 6 2016

“Lobster Tales” – Oasis Journal 2016 

M is for Mentors and Muses and Models, Oh My! – Spry Literary Journal, July 2016

“Drunks and Fools” – bioStories, July 2016

“But can she type?” – Crab Creek Review, Vol. 2016 #1

“Solo in Seattle” – The Tishman Review, April 2016. Nominated for 2016 Best of the Net Anthology

“In Search of Isabel Bolton” in Bloom and The Millions, April 2016

“Fresh Linens” in Dead Housekeeping, March 2016

Dying is Hard” in Lumen, February 2016

“Lillie’s Legacy” in 1966: A Journal of Creative Nonfiction, Winter 2015 plus a follow-up: “Where’s Lillie?”

“Prelude in C” in Foliate Oak, November 2015

“Alef, Bet, Gimel: Contemplations of a Wandering Jew” in Hamilton Stone Review, October 2015

“Quickly” in Labletter, May 2015

“Double Jeopardy” in Watershed Review, Spring 2015

“Ruby Fusion” in (em): a Review of Text and Image, Issue 3: April 2015

“My Quarrel with Grieving” in Permafrost, Winter 2015.  Selected as one of the Notable Essays and Literary Nonfiction in the Best American Essays 2016.

“Lena and the Bank of America” in Lunch Ticket – Amuse Bouche, March 2015

The First Time” in Tell Us a Story, January 2015

“Catch of the Day” in Killing the Angel, Issue 3:2014

“A Muse of One’s Own: Finding Inspiration for Your Writing Life,” Chapter 3 in Writing after Retirement, 2014

“Permanently Cool: A Tattoo of One’s Own,”  Soundings Review, Sp./Summer 2014 (print), republished online in Redux, August 2017

“In Loving Memory” in Vine Leaves, July 2014

“A Contemplation of Crows” in Mojave River Review, Summer 2014

“Pilgrimage,” in Bloom, June 2014

“Che Bella Lingua” in Tinge Magazine, Spring 2014

“Memento Mori: A Sketch” in Jet Fuel Review, Spring 2014

“Fascinating Rhythm: In Praise of Punctuation,” in Spry Literary Journal, April 2014

“Real Real Red, or, Goodbye to All That” in Skive Magazine (print edition), November 2013

“Got  Match?” in Prairie Wolf Press Review, Fall 2013

“The Last Turnip” in Souvenir, Fall-tober issue 2013 

“Second Hand Pearls … Second Hand Curls” in upstreet #9 2013

“Any Place I Hang My Hat” in New Purlieu Review, Summer-Fall 2013

“Orange Cat” in Quickly, May 2013 and in City Works, 2013

“In the Balcony” in City Works, 2013

“Fruit Tramp” in Switchback, Spring 2013

“Word of the Day” in Sleet Magazine, Spring 2013

“Kissing Frogs” in Marco Polo Arts Magazine, April 2013

“Leftovers on Lettuce: ABCs of a Life in Food”  in Middlebrow, February 2013

“Ode to Basil” in Tiny Lights, February 2013

“On the Road Again” in The Feathered Flounder, Winter 2012

“My Space” in Killing the Angel, Issue 1-2012

“Elegy for a Mollusk” in Raven Chronicles, September 2012

“Walking in the Light”in Skive Magazine, Spring/Fall 2012

“Sticks and Stones – in Writer’s Ink, Issue 7, Summer 2012

“Cornish Pasty” in Phoebe Journal 41.2, Fall 2012

“He just stands there and breathes…– in Prime Number 19.2, April-June 2012

“Lovc at First Bite” – in City Works 2012, San Diego City College print anthology

“Re-Entry” in Jenny, May 2012

“How to Become a Writer After 60 – in Tiny Lights, January 2012

“My Moving Cage”r.kv.r.y., Summer 2011

“Walls the Color of Tears”  –  Foliate Oak, May 2011

Elvis Standing By”  –  Eclectica, April-May 2011

Seventh Inning Stretch”   –  in Hobart, April 2011. Republished August 2013 in Stymie.

Five Stars: An Adventure in Amatory Dining – winner of the 2011 essay contest at  Writing It Real. 


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