Published Work

Personal Essays:

“Gumbo” in  Long Island Literary Journal, Winter 2017 – New Orleans–cooler than cool, hipper than hip. And OMG, the food!

“Tat Two” in The Flexible Persona, October 2017 – inked again.

“On Cookbooks: Collections and Recollections” in Eclectica, October/November 2017 – pages smeared with memories.

“Seventy” in Stonecoast Review, Issue #7, Summer 2017 – getting old beats the alternative.

“Falling” in Pilcrow & Dagger, August-September 2017 – ashes, ashes, we all fall down.

“Relative Strangers” in Fish Food, Issue 1 (8/17) – is it true that houseguests & fish go bad after three days?

“Smoke and Mirrors” in The Chaos, Summer 2017 – my life up in smoke.

“Whatever Will Be” in The Citron Review, Summer 2017 – if you’re old enough to remember Doris Day – or being twelve…

“Noodling A to Z” in Room, Volume 40.1, 2017 – behind every noodle is a memory….

“Berkeley Revisited” in Adelaide Literary Magazine, Spring 2017 – confessions of a Cal wannabe.

“On Hating Writing from Prompts” in Brevity, February 2017 – you don’t have to like it, just do it, it’s good for you (aw,mom!)…

“The Idea of North” in The Baltimore Review, Winter 2017 – Arctic adventures & more.

“The Cycle of Life” in The Drowning Gull, Issue 2, December 2016 – critters at the zoo.

“In Praise of Simple Living (just add ice cream)” in Embodied Effigies, Issue 6 2016 – defrosting can be fun

“Lobster Tales” in Oasis Journal 2016 – transmitting genes

M is for Mentors and Muses and Models, Oh My! in Spry Literary Journal, July 2016 – The ABCs of Creative Nonfiction.

“Drunks and Fools” in bioStories, July 2016 – a life in booze, booze in a life

“But can she type?” in Crab Creek Review, Vol. 2016 #1 – I could & did (still do)

“Solo in Seattle” in The Tishman Review, April 2016 – meditation on solitude.
Nominated for 2016 Best of the Net Anthology.

“In Search of Isabel Bolton” in Bloom and The Millions, April 2016

“Fresh Linens” in Dead Housekeeping, March 2016 – I remember mama.

Dying is Hard in Lumen, February 2016 – a tribute to Geri.

“Lillie’s Legacy” in 1966: A Journal of Creative Nonfiction, Winter 2015 – the compelling attraction of San Francisco’s Coit Tower. Then on a post-publication return visit, I had a surprise – “Where’s Lillie?”

“Prelude in C” in Foliate Oak, November 2015 – clashing keyboards

“Alef, Bet, Gimel: Contemplations of a Wandering Jew” in Hamilton Stone Review, October 2015 – Being Jewish is my legacy, but what does that mean?

“Quickly” in Labletter, May 2015 – tales of an energizer bunny.

“Double Jeopardy” in Watershed Review, Spring 2015 – tales of a teenage lightweight.

“Ruby Fusion” in (em): a Review of Text and Image, Issue 3: April 2015. Spoiler alert: I’m not a natural redhead.

“My Quarrel with Grieving” in Permafrost, Winter 2015 – the title says it. Selected as one of the Notable Essays and Literary Nonfiction in the Best American Essays of 2015.

“Lena and the Bank of America” in Lunch Ticket – Amuse Bouche, March 2015 – my mother on my mind.

“The First Time” in Tell Us a Story, January 2015 – no, I’m not going to tell you about that first time – this is about cigarettes.

“Catch of the Day” in Killing the Angel, Issue 3:2014 – food and family.

“A Muse of One’s Own: Finding Inspiration for Your Writing Life,” Chapter 3 in Writing after Retirement, 2014 – and of course very Woolfish.

“Permanently Cool: A Tattoo of One’s Own,”  Soundings Review, Spring/Summer 2014 – Happy Birthday to me!

“In Loving Memory” in Vine Leaves, July 2014 – I heard it on the grapevine.

“A Contemplation of Crows” in Mojave River Review, Summer 2014 – “something to crow about.”

“Pilgrimage,” in Bloom, June 2014 – the start of my voyage of discovery with Virginia Woolf.

“Che Bella Lingua” in Tinge Magazine, Spring 2014 – insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

“Memento Mori: A Sketch” in Jet Fuel Review, Spring 2014 – my cousin Pat.

“Fascinating Rhythm: In Praise of Punctuation,” in Spry Literary Journal, Issue 4, April 2014 – punctuated prose.

“Real Real Red, or, Goodbye to All That” (audio recording) in Skive Magazine (print copy), November 2013 – getting old is a bitch, but what are the alternatives?

“Got  Match?” in Prairie Wolf Press Review, Fall 2013 – three generations of meet-ups: everything changes & everything stays the same.

“The Last Turnip” in Souvenir, Fall-tober issue 2013 –  celebrating root vegetables and garden-fresh produce everywhere.

“Second Hand Pearls … Second Hand Curls” in upstreet #9 2013 – “everyone knows that I’m just Second Hand Rose…”

“Any Place I Hang My Hat” in New Purlieu Review, Summer-Fall 2013 – there’s no place like home.

“The Sky’s the Limit” in Hippocampus Magazine, June 2013 – there’s always baseball, & other life analogies. Revised and republished in Adelaide Anthology (2017) & shortlisted for Best Essay (pages 77-81).

“Orange Cat” in Quickly, May 2013 and in City Works, 2013 – sometimes a cat is just a cat.

“In the Balcony” in City Works, 2013 – symphonic murmurs.

“Fruit Tramp” in Switchback, Spring 2013 – recalling the summer of 1980.

“Word of the Day” in Sleet Magazine, Spring 2013 – we sang and we cried.

“Kissing Frogs” in Marco Polo Arts Magazine, April 2013 – online dating – a true story, but fortunately not mine.

“Leftovers on Lettuce: ABCs of a Life in Food”  in Middlebrow, February 2013 – an abecedarium.

“Ode to Basil” in Tiny Lights, February 2013 – a “flash in the pan” in more ways than one.

“On the Road Again” in The Feathered Flounder, Winter 2012 – keeping step, thanks to my kid.

“My Space” in Killing the Angel, Issue 1-2012 –  no, not that My Space – this is about “a room of one’s own.”

“Elegy for a Mollusk” in Raven Chronicles, September 2012, “Food and Culture” – read it and weep.

“Walking in the Light”in Skive Magazine, Spring/Fall 2012, ‘Memoirs’ issue – my life in the opera.

“Sticks and Stones – in Writer’s Ink, Issue 7, Summer 2012 – I didn’t leave my heart in San Francisco.

“Cornish Pasty” in Phoebe Journal 41.2, Fall 2012 – “O, to be in England…”

“He just stands there and breathes…” – in Prime Number 19.2, April-June 2012 – making lemonade from life’s lemons.

“Lovc at First Bite” – in City Works 2012, print anthology from San Diego City College – sushi and life.

“Re-Entry” in Jenny, May 2012 – my renaissance and re-invention.

“How to Become a Writer After 60 – an Homage to Lorrie Moore” – in Tiny Lights, January 2012 – for those who get a late start.

“My Moving Cage”r.kv.r.y., Summer 2011 – my encounter with hodophobia. They also did an interview with me.

“Walls the Color of Tears”  –  Foliate Oak, May 2011 – my response to a friend’s encounter with depression

Elvis Standing By”  –  Eclectica, April-May 2011 – Virginia Woolf meets Elvis in a Sussex village. Well, not quite…

Seventh Inning Stretch”   –  in Hobart, April 2011 – baseball in my life. Republished August 2013 in Stymie.

Five Stars: An Adventure in Amatory Dining – winner of the 2011 essay contest at  Writing It Real. 

Virginia Woolf:

Regular posts on Blogging Woolf.

Virginia Woolf as Memoirist: “I am made and remade continually” – Bloomsbury Heritage Monograph #72, Cecil Woolf Publishers, 2015

A Room of One’s Own and Women’s Writing Today”Virginia Woolf Bulletin, January 2012

A Certain Hold on Haddock and Sausage’: Dining Well in Virginia Woolf’s Life and WorkVirginia Woolf and the Natural World: Selected Papers of the Twentieth Annual International Conference on Virginia Woolf, Clemson University Press, 2011

In Their Own Words: Virginia Woolf and May Sarton – Virginia Woolf Miscellany, Spring 2011

Charleston Saved 1979-1989 (Review)Virginia Woolf Bulletin, January 2011

Beyond the Icon: Virginia Woolf in Contemporary FictionBloomsbury Heritage Monograph #58, Cecil Woolf Publishers, 2010

Four Monographs from the Bloomsbury Heritage Series (Review)Virginia Woolf Miscellany, Fall/Winter  2009

Editing A Writer’s Diary: Leonard Woolf as Censor or “Keeper of the Flame”Woolf Editing/Editing Woolf: Selected Papers from the Eighteenth Annual Conference on Virginia Woolf, Clemson University Press, 2009

Discovering England—Discovering Virginia Woolf – Virginia Woolf Bulletin, Jan. 2007

My Miscellany:

Between the Lines, my monthly column about all things bookish in the Presidio Sentinel, the Mission Hills community newspaper.


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